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Anyone who has children knows, even online purchases are now made under the careful supervision of children. Leave the choice of strap designs to them, but keep the important decisions to yourself: safety, efficiency, price and… educational opportunities. We put together the qualities that determine how to choose a good smartwatch for children. For our children.

The best smartwatch for children is the one that does not pose a danger to the health and privacy of the little one, and reassures the parent. The electromagnetic emissions of our electronic devices is still an open front, so why take risks? We are looking for products that are able to certify low radiation and able to function far from the vital organs of the body (head and heart in the first place). There are many offers on the market, but don't be too dazzled by the list of features and accessories that manufacturers love to flaunt. To choose a good smartwatch for children, you need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages offered by some key functions: a tool to launch an SOS or access a voice chat; an efficient GPS to track down your child and to check that it does not move away from you beyond a threshold considered safe; a messaging system, perhaps based on icons, to send a few but precise reminders: lunch, go home, snack time ... The safety of the device always prevails over all this: the data must be protected and the object must not constitute a physical danger for the small user. Finally, it is useful to be able to switch off the device remotely and inhibit its functions, for example during school hours. Need anything else? Probably not, although, of course, much more can be added, in proportion to the age of the child and in harmony with your expectations.

Games and entertainment

This is a completely personal choice: do you want the smartwatch to be able to entertain your child during a dinner, a queue at the doctor, a trip on a tram? Compatibly with the size of a clock face (especially child-friendly), there is a wide range of models that allow you to enjoy simple games. Some producers have been concerned about making access to video games conditional on the achievement of certain daily goals, such as minimal physical activity. An interesting and motivating expedient, which takes into account the risks of isolation and laziness that are implicit in all digital activities, which are particularly insidious for the little ones. A device that accompanies sport, on the other hand, could be a valid incentive to move and to achieve results. Almost all of the models on sale advertise a camera and microphone for voice recordings, although the quality often leaves something to be desired.

Control and privacy

When you decide to give a child a smartwatch, you probably also think you have more control over what content they will have access to, for example, with a mobile phone. Some of these SIM watches can connect to a telephone network and, in any case, they receive and send signals. A few years ago, Germany and, subsequently, the European Union, blocked the spread of some models, because they were at risk of intrusion and manipulation by malicious hackers. The fact that they are products intended for children should not suggest that they are necessarily toys. It is good for those who compare prices and try to save, but it is important to remember that it is a communication tool, and not a simple pastime.

If possible, it is better to choose to spend a few euros more, if it is well invested in the safety of the device, and therefore of the child who will use it. Finally: there is also the privacy of your child, however small he is. Some watches allow you to hear voices and sounds around the baby without communicating. The usefulness of this tool is clear, but you have to use it wisely, and make sure it cannot be used by third parties. And now, let's look for what are for us the best smartwatches for children of 2021. Here instead our page on some of the best GPS trackers for children .

How these devices work

More than one wonders how it is possible that these devices are able to provide the information they give us. Well, the truth is that anything is possible thanks to some of the sensors they are equipped with. In this sense, the pedometer is the protagonist of most devices of this type. A sensor that can detect the movement of the pelvis and body to turn it into phases. In other words, these sensors take a certain amount of movement as a step and set the step as a unit of measurement. Since everyone can have a big step or a step, of course, not everyone travels the same distance with the same number of steps. Therefore, from these steps, the distance traveled is calculated by setting the equivalence by the number of steps that must be performed to travel a meter or a kilometer. It is possible that many of these smart watches or activity bracelets will ask us about the length of the step to determine these correspondences. Other information that will tell you when you start using these gadgets include age, height, weight, and gender. Data used with steps to estimate the number of calories consumed during an activity performed. The pedometer itself also helps to set up hours of deep or light sleep at night. In this case, instead, we also take into account the movements of our body, defining deep sleep as the time we are still and light sleep when we perform certain movements despite sleeping. All of this information is usually available on the device itself, although in many cases it is necessary to download the app to our mobile device and keep both devices in sync in order to see them. As we move into the range, we will find models that include other types of sensors and allow other measurements or obtain certain information such as altitude, atmospheric pressure, heart rate, etc.

Top 5 Smart Watch for Kids

1. Jaybest Kids Smartwatch
2. Garmin vívofit jr 2
3. VTech KidiZoom
4. PTHTECHUS Waterproof Smart watch Phone
5. LDB Direct Kids Smart Watches

1. Jaybest Kids Smartwatch

Jaybest's children's smartwatch comes with a very soft strap, which kids and parents like. It takes advantage of LBS positioning technology and allows you to receive or make calls, as well as store up to ten phone numbers. It is also waterproof, as it has an IP67 protection factor.If you want to be quieter when children move, even if in your vicinity, or when they go to friends' houses, this smartwatch can solve several problems.Another advantage of this smartwatch lies in providing parents with a special app, thanks to which they can create invisible fences, inside which children must stay: when they move from these areas, the parent is warned.The product is covered by an IP67 protection, which makes it immune to splashes or contact with water: it will not run the risk of being damaged if it comes into contact with this substance.

Kids Smart Watch Phone,IP67 Waterproof GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids, HD Touch Screen Game Watch with SOS Call/Voice Chat/Camera/Alarm for Boys and Girls Birthday Gifts (Pink)Kids Smart Watch Phone,IP67 Waterproof GPS Tracker Smartwatch for Kids, HD Touch Screen Game Watch with SOS Call/Voice Chat/Camera/Alarm for Boys and Girls Birthday Gifts (Pink)
  • very soft strap
  • LBS positioning technology
  • has an IP67 protection factor
  • doesn't have all the features of GPS


2. Garmin vívofit jr 2

It is not among the best sellers, because it costs more than other competitors and offers, apparently, fewer functions, but it is never lacking in the purchase advice of specialized sites. In fact, the Garmin is limited to measuring the physical activity of the children and the hours of sleep, with a precise pedometer. Unlock access to the Star Wars themed game only after achieving minimum movement goals. Parents can assign tasks, associated with rewards, and set alarm and reminder signals for the lazy ones. The product, however, is impact resistant and perfectly waterproof. You can replace the strap and, with it, the type of stage game to access (Disney princesses, avengers and more). Little? Maybe, but this is not a toy and is not meant to entertain. The idea is to stimulate physical activity. There are no geofencing and location functions, but in this way risks to the privacy of children and unwanted intrusions on their device are excluded. The software is in Italian, a detail not at all obvious, and there are no surprises with respect to the use of our data. Let's recap and deepen the strengths and weaknesses of this children's smartwatch.

Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1year Battery Life, Green, Digi CamoGarmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1year Battery Life, Green, Digi Camo
  • the watch is perfectly waterproof, ideal for use during very “lively” sports and gaming activities.
  • limited functions are a limitation
  • there is no ambiguity about the destination of the data and the possible intrusions of pirates
  • the price is higher than theoretically competing models


3. VTech KidiZoom

Hasbro is a historic toy brand, in fact this smartwatch aims more for fun than safety. There are no localization and geofencing tools, but on the other hand the child will have fun with a double camera with which to create customizable videos and images thanks to nice photo editing. The watch is sturdy, you can wear it when washing your hands and teeth, but it is not recommended to take it in a shower and even less so in a bathtub. The voice recorder allows you to customize the sound of the alarms, replacing it with the voice of the mother, or of the child himself. Parents can set a time limit on the use of preloaded digital games. These are simple pastimes, which don't seem to thrill even the smallest users. The software is unfortunately only in English, but children interface with clear icons, also suitable for preschool age. There is no addition of SIM or Internet connection. As mentioned, it can be a defect or a virtue, if you think that this object is dedicated to children from four years old. The pedometer function is an added value. In the following diagram, we have summarized the flaws and advantages of this nice watch for the little ones.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, BlueVTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Blue
  • comfortable and colorful
  • children can explore photography and video shooting
  • Not waterproof


4. PTHTECHUS Waterproof Smart watch Phone

This is the best smartwatch for kids ever and now we will tell you why. The PTHTECHUS device is ideal for different ages, as it has all the features you may need and a beautiful innovative and modern design. No wonder there are so many reviews from parents satisfied with the purchase! You don't have to go any further, the advanced technology with which this smartwatch is produced is truly the top. Not only is it easy for your kids to use, but for you too. You can make emergency calls at any time, as well as set the alarm for the morning. In addition, the integrated GPS gives you the possibility to always keep an eye on your child.

Kids Waterproof Smartwatch Phone - Children Touchscreen Watch Position LBS Locator with Call Voice Chat Games Alarm Clock SOS Wristband for Boys Girls Grade Student Gifts (Pink)Kids Waterproof Smartwatch Phone - Children Touchscreen Watch Position LBS Locator with Call Voice Chat Games Alarm Clock SOS Wristband for Boys Girls Grade Student Gifts (Pink)
  • advanced GPS + LBS system
  • Extra Capabilities
  • The watch has a universal design that can be combined with any style and look your kids prefer
  • complicated Initial configuration


5. LDB Direct Kids Smart Watches

Are you looking for a smartwatch for your child? The LDB model is a high quality device with excellent features that your child will like as much as you do. With GPS and real-time location tracking you will always have it under surveillance, without losing its freedom and fun. All the reviews speak great of it! Not only is it multifunctional, it is also one of the easiest to use. Every application such as a game, the camera and the flashlight, are just a click away, your child will surely appreciate it. In addition, it also looks great, it is easy to combine with any style and outfit. If you are looking for the most intuitive children's smartwatch of 2020 to give to your child, you have found it.

LDB Direct Kids Smart Watches for Boys Girls, Waterproof GPS Tracker Smart Watch Gift Birthday Christmas for 3-12 Year Old Kids with SOS Call Two-Way Call Voice Chat Game Flashlight (Black)LDB Direct Kids Smart Watches for Boys Girls, Waterproof GPS Tracker Smart Watch Gift Birthday Christmas for 3-12 Year Old Kids with SOS Call Two-Way Call Voice Chat Game Flashlight (Black)
  • rich in functions and intelligent
  • SOS function
  • You can easily set Do Not Disturb mode to keep your child focused on the most important activities
  • No Music Player


How to use a children's watch

The watch you are about to buy for your child could communicate with the mobile phone, from which to set many of the necessary functions and perform the control and communication operations. The clock interface must be within a child's reach, therefore based on images, but also the software you will have to access must be simple and understandable, especially if the Italian translation of the commands is not available. Our short guide illustrates some general precautions, to be taken into due consideration before deciding which smartwatch to buy. And even after.

With SIM or without SIM

For many of the products on the market you will find specified which network, within the GSM standard, is supported. A children's watch is unlikely to take advantage of 4G, and there are very few that are compatible with 3G. In most cases, you will be asked to insert a SIM card suitable for 2G. The numbering simply indicates the succession of GSM network generations. 2G marked the turning point of digitalization and encryption of communications, while with subsequent ones the bandwidth available to download data and information has increasingly expanded. Although the 2G network dates back to the early 1990s, it is not impossible to find compatible SIM cards. When a SIM is inserted into a child's watch, it must be thought that it is transformed into a digital communication tool, albeit limited. Without it, many of the opportunities these devices offer are unusable. The card is usually housed behind a door located on the back of the case, under the rechargeable battery. It would be better if the compartment could only be accessed with the use of a screwdriver. Make sure that the measures of the SIM you want to use fit the housing compartment, even if lately the cards are sold in scalable format, depending on the needs. In the instructions for use of the product, but often also in the descriptions that you read online, you will find clear indications on the type of card to use: miniSIM, microSIM, nanoSIM. Attention: check the compatibility with the telephony networks operating in Italy. Whenever possible, for example when shopping online, ask retailers or manufacturers to suggest a suitable telephone company for the purpose, and inquire before buying.

The "geofencing"

The geofencing feature would be one of the most useful when dealing with very young children, for example four or five years old. It allows you to create a safety area around your child (from the English fence, which means fence): you can establish that he should not move beyond a certain radius, and, when this happens, receive an alert signal on your mobile phone. For this tool to work properly, the watch must have a GPS and be able to accurately calculate the position of the wearer of the smartwatch. We know that in theory gps can measure our position with a defect of about 5 meters. Such a margin of error would be tolerable, but if the discrepancies exceed, for example, 50 meters, it is evident that our "fence" will have a gap too large. Unfortunately, many watches allow you to delimit an area of no less than 500 meters, and localization defects can reach six kilometers. Finally, we must not underestimate the software with which it is necessary to interface to access the watch options, and it would be better to check if and for what purpose the data concerning the movements and habits of children transit on external servers, potentially accessible to strangers.

Touch screen

Here is a case where a touch screen is quite important: children (but now also adults) are used to interacting directly with their fingers even on digital devices. The simpler interfaces, optimized for a small watch display, allow you to swipe from one function of the smart watch to another. It is a practicable operation for any child, but we must not underestimate the situation of stress or fear in which a child can find himself when he has to activate an SOS message. It would always be better if this tool could be activated by a button on the case, immediately reachable. The possibility of activating a voice chat, or making real calls, allows you to relate to someone who does not yet know how to write and read messages, and perhaps to send your reassuring voice in a moment of difficulty. Make sure your watch is waterproof as “splash resistance” doesn't give many guarantees. Think about it: some of the typical places where you want to have your child under control are the beach or a large water park, and there… other than splashing!

Frequent questions

What does LBS mean?

The acronym LBS (Location Based System) defines all the location systems allowed by connection to the mobile telephone network. Children's watches are intended to make your child always traceable. This can be done through the use of GPS, or through, in fact, the methods included under the heading Lbs that the telephone network operator provides. They can be different, and the list would be long. Not all of them guarantee the same accuracy and are subject to different variables. The Cell ID method, for example, is based on the backbone of the mobile phone network (hence the name "cell phone"). Suffice it to say that, at any time, our phone is tied to a cell, under the control of a "base station" in that cell. In this way, operators always know how to locate the origin of the signal in a relatively limited area. With an accuracy that depends on the cell density available to each telephone company.

Can I buy them abroad and use them in Italy?

In principle, there should be no contraindications. Many products sold online come from abroad. It is not unlikely to purchase a children's watch that has the interface in English, but this usually involves only a few more problems in using and understanding the services offered. Try to understand if Italian is included in the instruction manual, and if there is a support service that speaks our language, and does not rely on automatic translators. It is always better to buy in Europe and from e-commerce sites operating in Italy. The rules on the right of return are more binding and better guarantee the consumer.

How can I measure the safety of a children's watch?

If we talk about computer security, that is, protection from technological piracy acts that allow manipulation or access to the device, it can be verified whether the incoming and outgoing messages are protected by sufficiently complex encryption systems. The problem of piracy is serious, but it must not be faced paranoidly: every day we expose ourselves to this risk using cloud storage systems, online e-mail, even paying the motorway toll with an ATM. The best thing is not to rely totally on technology and explain the risks to children as well. Shouldn't they take candy from strangers? Well, they don't even have to read or listen to messages that aren't from mom and dad. The most sensational hacking acts have at their origin a human carelessness and not a technological flaw.

What is the best brand of children's smart watch?

It seems that the big producers have kept away from this type of product, which can hide more than one pitfall. Garmin is an exception, but it offers a model that minimizes the functions available. The best sellers online, at an incredibly low price, have essentially unknown Chinese brands, collect very contradictory reviews and, overall, do not appear too reliable from the point of view of constructive solidity. The HereO line promises very well, but is currently also not available on the manufacturer's website.

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